About Us

Dove Creek Designs offers unique decorative pottery.  Prices per piece range from $5 to $100.

As artisans did in southwestern pueblo cultures, and in ancient Rome and Japan, our pottery makers add horse hair or buffalo hair to clay creations just out of the kiln.  The hair burns into the clay, leaving a permanent imprint that can never be replicated.  Adding feathers to the mix is a South Dakota touch.


This distinctive art begins with white clay, cast into molds and hand sanded and burnished before being fired to 1600 degrees F.  There are more than 50 designs, including urns, Christmas ornaments, and miniature pieces.  You can view them and make purchases on this site.

Dove Creek Designs is part of Black Hills Special Services Cooperative (BHSSC).  BHSSC, among other services, develops employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  The pottery is created in an integrated work setting involving both people with disabilities and people without disabilities, in the Black Hills at Hot Springs, South Dakota.

**Please note that these pieces are for decorative purposes only, will not hold water, and should not be used for serving food.